About Us

Since Year 2023

Goosetech Global

Goosetech Global We Specialize In Producing And Exporting Premium Fresh, Frozen And Cut Durian Products Worldwide. Exporting To China, Australia, USA and Other Countries.

With over 10 years of experience, we are seasoned experts in the fruit industry, prioritizing taste and quality above all else. Until gaining the trust of numerous countries, establishing us as a reliable product exporter

Year after year, Goosetech Global remains committed to the ongoing enhancement of product quality and the elevation of export standards. We are actively integrating technology into our production processes to further improve the quality of our products. Our customers can rest assured that the produce they receive is consistently high in quality, impeccably clean, and absolutely safe.

Why Goosetech

Premium Durian Selection

Our premium durians are sourced from genuine seeds and meticulously chosen from orchards adhering to GAP standards. Production is closely monitored.

Premium Durian

Premium durian is carefully selected from orchards that meet GAP standard. The production processes are followed by the GMP standard.

Diverse Durian Delights

We maintain the original flavor from the orchard to the consumer's hands . Our durian products come :durian fresh,durian frozen, and durian fresh cut.

Reasonable Price

Determining prices based on customer needs, with a primary focus on product standards.

Shipping Services

"Our company offers comprehensive export services and for your convenience and comfort. We provide a variety of transportation options and are managed by a professional team."

Land freight

Land transport, primarily by refrigerated trucks and railcars, enables temperature control for product transportation.

Sea freight

Boat transportation takes longer than by car but significantly reduces transportation costs.

Air freight

Air transport is rapid but comes with higher transportation costs when compared to road and sea transport.